The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc Land-Rover Series 2A ¼ Ton Gunbuggy
Welcome to "John's Shed".

John B. is REMLR member 106 (handy number!). He is a member of the V.M.V.C. (website) and attended the Land-Rover 50th Anniversary event at Cooma in 1998 with Don Ashton.

Each of John's ex-Army Land-Rovers has it's own photo page:

  1. The Gunbuggy -a ¼ ton 88" Gunbuggy (restored 1999-2000)

  2. The MP unit -a ¼ ton 88" G.S. Military Police (restored 2000-2001)



John's gunbuggy was purchased from a farmer near Wangaratta in October 1998. It was fairly complete but had front mudguard damage and some rear damage as well. During 1999 the restoration process was begun. The front panel was fixed with aluminium welding. The firewall was rusty and it was repaired. The seats needed refurbishing and a work friend helped him out on that task. The front windscreens presented a problem. A friend in Sydney measured the originals on a Gunbuggy and posted him the details. The windows and frames were handmade to size. That took a lot of time and was very fiddly... and then -a short while later- by sheer good luck John acquired a new factory made set in Melbourne.

The Gunbuggy's engine and transmission were okay and just needed servicing. The carby was completely rebuilt and Auscam paint refreshed. The Gunbuggy was finished and ready for VMVC parades and shows during 2000... but it had a big hole on the back where a Springfield M40A1 106mm Recoilless Rifle was supposed to sit... so John started the search for the missing anti-tank gun and the 3 pointed gun mount. It took a year to find the gun (yes Virginia - he found a scrapped ex-Army gun which was irrevocably disabled) and he is very happy to have it; and until March 2002 he was looking for the gun mount which has a wheel at the front and two 'legs' at the rear. Even though they are a rare as hens teeth, he finally located one. And it didn't take years...

If John can find one of these impossible to get bits, a real mount and a real gun, it goes to prove that any REMLR member should be able to find any rare bit for any model IF they look long and hard enough. Congrats to JB!


Make Land-Rover (Rover Australia P/L) Model SWB 88" Series 2A
Manuf. date June 1963 Production CKD RHD export
Army Census 6005 Engine Petrol 2286cc
Nomenclature TRUCK, UTILITY, ¼ TON G.S.
Contract number C110181
Chassis 24303903B ARN 112-733


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VMVC display at Wandin
John's Series 2A Gunbuggy
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VMVC display at Wandin
VMVC display at Wandin Field Day (2/2001)
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Ready to go
Gunbuggy fully restored complete with 106mm RCL! (9/2002)
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Ready to go to the show
Idea: drive it down to the Defender Dealer- "Excuse me, what's this tough Lara Croft model I've heard about?"
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