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  • Perentie Wiki RPS section pages in the .PDF format.
The REMLR online library includes Army RPS books that are very large .PDF files (400+ A4 pages).

I have used some of these files on a PC, but they are too large to use on a mobile phone. 

The aim here is to provide numerous small .PDF files from the large Perentie RPS .PDF files.

I hope the files are more convenient
... for assisting roadside repairs or modifications
... for checking part identities and drawings at auctions, swaps and shops.
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RPS perentie 4x4 book cover
RPS group index
RPS identification plate


A-AA engine block crankcase
AAA engine crankshaft and pulley
AAB engine flywheel housing and-ring gear
AAC engine pistons liners rods bearings
AAD engine camshaft and bearings and idler gear
AAE engine gasket set
AB engine cylinder head and glow plugs
ABA engine manifolds
ABB engine valve lifting gear and rockers
AC engine oil pump assembly
ACB engine oil filter and fittings
ACC engine oil feed and return lines
AE engine rocker cover and side plates and breather
AEA engine timing gear covers and gaskets and fittings
AEB engine oil pan and gasket and dipstick
AF engine mountings and lifting brackets


BA-BAA-BAB radiator and shrouds and hoses
BB expansion tank and mounts
BC engine fan and drive pulley and belt
BD water pump
BE engine oil cooler and fittings
BF thermostat and housing
TA-TAB-TAC-TAD heater assembly and cable controls and demister and hoses
DK1 air filter cyclopac and mounts and hoses
DK2 air snorkel and mounts and hoses
CA muffler pipes and mounts


DA fuel tank and sender unit and mounts
DBA fuel tank pipes and hoses and cap
DBB injector pump lines
DBC fuel sedimenter
DC fuel lines and fuel filter
DD fuel transfer pump and filter bolt and hand primer
DE injector pump
DEA injector pump housing and plugs and seals
DEB injector pump camshaft and bearings and timer
DEC injector pump tappet and barrel and plunger
DED injector pump governor
DF fuel injector
DGA accelerator pedal and cable and hand throttle cable
DGB electronic diesel injection control aka EDIC engine stop


EA clutch pedal and pedal box
EB clutch master cylinder
EC clutch slave cylinder and lever into clutch housing
EE clutch and pressure plate


F-FB gearbox and bellhousing
FA gearbox mountings and earthstrap
FBA gearbox main and transfer casing front
FBB gearbox main and transfer casing rear
FBC gearbox and transfer casing transfer portion
FC gearbox front cover and oil pump
FD gearbox selection lever
FDA-FDB gearbox selectors
FE gearbox gear train
FEA gearbox front output shaft and actuator
FEB gearbox transfer center differential
FEC gearbox rear output shaft and speedo drive
FED gearbox intermediate gears
FEE gearbox 1st speed mainshaft and transfer gear
FEF-FEG gearbox countershaft and reverse idler and primary 2nd and 3rd mainshaft
GE center diff lock control valve and vacuum lines


HA prop shafts
J-JA axle housing and differential rear
JAB axle breathers front and rear
JB differential gears rear
JC axle shafts and hubs rear
K-KA axle housing and differential front
KB differential gears front
KC axle hubs front
KD-KE swivel pin housings and constant velocity joints


MA brake pedal and pedal box
MBA brake master cylinder
MBB brake servo aka booster
MDA brake lines and fittings front
MDB brake lines and fittings rear
ME brake front discs and calipers
MEA brake rear drums and shoes
MF-MFA handbrake mechanism and cable and switch
MFB brake transmission drum


NA suspension front springs and shock absorbers and arms and rod and mounts
NB suspension rear springs and shock absorbers and mounts
NBA suspension rear bottom links and bump stops
NBB suspension rear top link and ball joint


PA-PAA steering wheel and column and mount
PB steering box basic non power assisted
PBA steering box mount and drop arm and ball joint
PCA steering linkage and damper


QB battery 12v underseat and cables
QC front wiring harness and fittings
QD ignition indicators wipers horn switch blackout cdl controls
QF starter motor and solenoid
QG1 alternator aka generator
QG2 vacuum pump and alternator mounting
QH cab wiring fittings
QJA headlamp assembly
QJB rear stop indicator reverse combination-lamps
QJC front park and indicator lamps
QJD cabin interior and map reading lamps
QJE horn
QJF1 side indicator lamp front
QJF2 blackout lamps front
QJG blackout convoy and rego plate lamps rear
QKA windscreen wipers and motor and linkage
QKB windscreen washer
QL rear wiring harness incl nato
QM temperature pressure brake fluid fuel sender handbrake sensor switches incl nato
QMA fuses and relays under dash
QNA driver instruments panel gauges speedo wiring
TA-TAB-TAC-TAD heater assembly and cable controls and demister and hoses


RA chassis
RB bullbar (later design)
L wheel rims and tyres and tubes
RC spare wheel carrier
RD pintle hook
RE jerrycan holders and airlift tiedowns
RF steering guard plate
SAA ventilation flaps under windscreen
SAB-SAC seatbox transmission tunnel floor panels and mats
SAD windscreen frame and hinges
SAE firewall and fittings
SAF windscreen support front of canopy
SAG sill panels
SB-SBA-SBB-SBC door tops locks hinges checks
SGA-SGB dash trim top and bottom
SGC dash insulation piece and footwell vinyl covering
SGD dash decals seatbox nomenclatures
SH-SL ISRI Stratos cabin seats and seat belts
SM bonnet aka hood and tool holders
MA-SN bonnet aka hood latch support panel and grille
SMB front wheel arch inner
SMC front fender aka wing aka mudguard
SQ-SQA-SQB-SQC-SQD rear tub aka body and bulkhead rifle bracket and rear side lockers
SR-SRA-SRH canopy and supports and cam net rack
SS rear seats gs type
ST tailgate and fittings gs type
DK2 air snorkel and mounts and hoses


UA winch assembly
UAA winch mounting and rollers
UC power take off housing and chain
UCA power take off bearing and selector housing
UCB power take off and torque limiter
UCC power take off control cable
UCD winch drive line bearings and shafts

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There are also EMEI files in the REMLR online library.
They can be very informative as well.