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Name: tba
Make: Land-Rover (Jaguar Rover Australia)
Model: 110 Perentie GS
Manuf. date: 08/1987
Production: CKD Moorebank
Army Census: 72500
Colour: AUSCAM
Nomenclature: Truck, Utility, Lightweight, MC2
ARN: 48-010
Body Number: unk
Contract Number: tba
Chassis: SALLDHAZ1BF569641
Engine Number: tba


Dervish is an avid Perentie enthusiast and lives in Sydney NSW.


A sympathetic restoration to the vehicle's original 1987 state has begun and is progressing at snail's pace. 48-010 is a rare Perentie as it is so early in the Perentie supply contract.

Military History

48-010 was first posted with the Army School of Transport, spent time in storage at Bandiana Logistics Group in the early 90s and then sent to DNSDC Moorebank.

Civilian History

This vehicle was sold at the AFM auction in January 2014 to REMLR user Dervish.

Civilian Modifications

A truck cab has been added to this vehicle.