The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc

This page will provide a listing of technical drawings that relate to ex military land rovers. The source of these drawings vary, some are drawn by REMLR members, others by the Army, Army Design Establishment or Land Rover themselves. This is a constantly evolving page, so things will be added over time as we get them.

If you are looking for wiring diagrams, they are listed elsewhere: Vehicle Wiring Diagrams

Unit Sign Holder (aka TAC Plate Holder)
Used on S2, 2a, 3 and mokes (and vw vans). The later unit is the same dimensions, but with cutouts to allow drainage.

Unit Sign Holder - PDF (48kb)

No.5 Trailer Tub
ADE Drawing of the No.5 Tub.

No.5 Trailer Tub - TIFF (107kb)

No.5 and Workshop Platform Trailer Chassis
No.5 Chassis (356 kb)

Workshop Land Rover & Trailer Canopy
Workshop Canopy (10mb)

Series 2/2a Land Rover Ambulance
Exterior by ADE
Exterior by PMC
Interior by ADE
Bare Land Rover Ambulance without Body by PMC

 Land Rover 109' Canopy
The below drawings are a range of releases varying in age from the Original A release of the drawing, to the last version 5 incorporating changes for the series 3 series. These cover the GS and FFR versions.

0116079 - Original Issue A- 1967 (309kb)

0116079 -Release 1 - 1973 (398kb)

0116079 -Release 4 (417kb)

0116079 -Release 5 - Series 3 Sheet 2 (65kb)

0116271 - LWB Canopy Details

 Land Rover 88' Canopy

0116240 -SWB Canopy Details

 Land Rover Series 2, 2a and 3 Tool Mounting Brackets
The below drawings are of the left and right guards, and show the locations of the brackets with relation to the rest of the guard. They are pretty pale, but they are there.

Passenger Side

Driver Side

Workshop Platform
Drawings for most parts of the Workshop Platform for Workshop Trailers and Land Rovers (13 MB)
Warning This is a Large File

Series 2A Bumperette
Drawing (179 kb)

Front Exhaust Modification
As used on Fire Tender, FFR / FFT / FFW, Wrecker and workshop vehicles.
Drawing (210 kb)



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