The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc Land-Rover Perentie 110 Fitted For Radio
Welcome to Syd's shed.

Syd has put a lot of effort into his FFR. He purchased the proper hi-tech paint from Hilton Pollard. The vehicle has been restored to absolutely original condition and features a correct HF radio set (GRC-106 400w), aerials, and snorkel. You can see Syd's radio set in the lower photos. The top two photos show Syd Crawdford's FFR with a No 5 trailer (note rear tailgate fabrication) on a trail in the Brindabella's west of Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. Syd recently purchased both the trailer and the P.T.O. winch from Jim Doyle. Syd attended the first R & R in 2001 and took his trailer everyhere he went. On one particular "soft-sinky" sand dune it made for a bit of a challenge. Syd took many of the photos in the report

Also in the lower pair of photos is a Land-Rover Series 1 restored as a "British Signals FFW" by Andrew Tostevin of South Australia.


Make Land Rover Model 2320-66-128-4220
Build Date 27/6/1989 Army Rego 49-149
Engine # 988473 -orig. 100366 -repl. Engine 4 cyl 3.9L Diesel
Nomenclature TRUCK UTILITY
Contractor Jaguar Rover Australia
Chassis # SALLDHAZ1BF573599 Colour Olive Drab


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On R & R -large ver. 95kb

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More details on Australian Military Land-Rovers fleet numbers and paint schemes.


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