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Welcome to Rob's shed.

Robert's 48-253 took the prize as the top Land-Rover 110 exhibited at the April 1998 Land-Rover 50th Anniversary gathering at Cooma NSW. How did he do it? Did he buy it from an auction, drive it home, pressure wash and detail it, then drive it the Cooma Event? No. Fact is fact Rob put in months of hard work to restore 48-253.

The top row of pics below show how a typical "released to auction" Perentie looks like and from them you can see how much work is involved in restoring one. Rob's one had a bit of scrawl on the side ("Good on ya 77 Sqdn") suggesting it came down a tad too fast! Also note that the supply of particular Isuzu engine parts is drying up - hence the lump under the bonnet is missing presumed reused by the ADF. Click here for nice big picture of this Perentie (ARN 48-253) in the scrub.

"These paint codes were supplied to me when I was restoring my Perentie, though I did not use these paints as they are a 'Two Pack' and harder to paint", says Rob. "I did not want to have to get someone to paint my 110 so I had the colours matched in enamel paints. But the next paint job will definitely be in 'Two Pack'. Hope these numbers help someone and save them time (even if they're a few years old)":

Two Pack Paint Codes for Auscam Paint Scheme (Land Rover Perentie)

ANZOL (Victoria) Pty Ltd
20 Hallam Valley Road, Dandenong
phone 03 97916344 (Graeme Cullen)
  • Olive Drab 450-2022 $27 per litre (4 litre tin)
  • Matt Black 450-0009 $24 per litre (4 litre tin)
  • Tan 450-4058 $25 per litre (4 litre tin)
  • Cureing agent 455-9001 $24 per litre (litre tin) (req 2 to 1 mix)
  • Thinners 925-0029 $4.70 per litre (4 litre tin)


Make Land Rover Model Military 4x4 - Cargo Personnel
Build Date 8/1988 Army Rego 48-253
Engine # 884896 Engine 4 cyl 3.9L Diesel
Nomenclature TRUCK UTILITY
Contractor Jaguar Rover Australia
Chassis # SALLDHAZ1BF570808 Colour Auscam
You brought what?!

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As it arrived

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Nearly complete

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Best 110 Award at Cooma 1998
L-R; R Styles CS-149, R Barker 48-253

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More details on Australian Military Land-Rovers fleet numbers and paint schemes.


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