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Welcome to Paul's Shed.

"MED 2"

1st Aviation Regiment, AAAvn, Oakey,QLD.

Paul M is REMLR member 211, and lives in Queensland. He is the proud owner of a 1967 S2A Ambulance, ARN 114-196, previously owned by Remlr member 032, Don F.

114-196 spent 24 years in service, and with the large 2's on doors, roof and 1st Military District TAC it was lasted posted to the RAP 1St Aviation Regiment, AAAvn, Oakey, Qld.

Med 2 was primarily used as a crash rescue unit at Oakey. Paul has been lucky enough to meet one of Med 2's original drivers Peter G. Peter provide further in-service details such as:

  • Only carried two stretchers for operational proposes
  • Carried oxygen bottles in place of box between front seat
  • Carried an airfield radio under passenger glove box
  • Internal seat box, floor and stretcher frames painted black
  • Left rear door carried fire blanket

Peter is currently searching his archive for further reference material. When released to auction in 1991 39000 miles was recorded on the clock, today the mileage is 55000

Since becoming the new owner Paul has undertaken a mini restoration. Although fundamentally straight, and 90% complete, the aim was to take care of some of the rot nearly 40 years had taken, and to have ready for the 40th Anniversary Long Tan celebrations.

Paul was lucky enough to have a very helpful cousin Anthony who cut, welded, straighten and fabricated new pieces for the firewall and body .Anthony being a coachbuilder by trade was also able to apply a shiny new coat of Deep Bronze Green. Although the timeframe for the mini restoration was short, two months, Paul is very pleased with the results

Make Land-Rover (Rover Australia P/L) Model LWB 109" Series 2A
Manuf. date April 1967 Production CKD RHD export
Army Census 6362b Engine Petrol 2286cc
Contract number C116726
Chassis 25316767C ARN 114-196


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As purchased
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Rear cabin as purchased
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Restoration begins
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Fresh paint pre Genevas
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A touch of mud!

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A couple of photos from the Beach in 2007

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Beach driving was apparently easy going.

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