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Welcome my shed. I hope the following is of benefit to fellow ex-mil Land-Rover enthusiasts, whatever part of the world they live in.

Military Land-Rover radio installations

Right from the beginning of Land-Rover's military history, those involved in the vehicle's planning and design were mindful of the requirement for military wireless equipment to be fitted to command/reconnaissance vehicles. The Willys MB/Ford GPW Jeeps which the Land-Rover were to replace, were themselves often fitted out for two way radio installations. Late production wartime Jeeps came equipped from the factory with an auxiliary 6v distribution box fitted near the base of the front passenger seat solely for the purpose of powering radio equipment.

Early Wireless equipment installations are detailed elsewhere on the REMLR website, however, details of the fittings relevant to Series 2, Series 2A and Series 3 Military Land-Rovers seems to be lacking. It is my hope that the following information, while admittedly not an exhaustive study of the subject, may be of some assistance to fellow FFR and FFT restorers now and in the future. I am no Bart Vanderveen, nor do I claim to be any sort of expert in this field. I have merely endeavoured to share what I know and what I remember from my own Army service.

I would strongly encourage anyone with further information, knowledge or experience, to share what you can for the benefit of all Military Land-Rover enthusiasts. Whilst all care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information, the author accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions contained in this manuscript.

May your Amp guage always read 24 volts, and your fuel gauge read full.

Phillip Hastings
REMLR member 118, Perth WA 2002

Phillip's details on the Series 2A F.F.T. variant

More details - Series 2A F.F.R.

Phillip attended the 2002 'A Ton of LRPVs' big day out

Phillip is currently restoring three Australian ex-Army Series 2A ¾ Ton Land-Rovers:

  1. 1970 Fitted For Transceiver

  2. 1964 Carry All Topographical Survey

  3. 1967 General Service

Number 1: Martha - Fitted For Transceiver:


Make Land-Rover (Rover Australia P/L) Model LWB 109" Series 2A
Manuf. date March 1970 Production CKD RHD export
Army Census 6006A Engine Petrol 2286cc
Nomenclature TRUCK, UTILITY, ¾ TON, FFT, LAND-
Contract number V112082
Chassis 25330379G Colour Olive Drab


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Before a respray. A Series 3 canopy is fitted, note DD mark. Series 2A FFTs and FFRs do not stow their gardening tools on top of their mudguards. At the rear, jerrycan brackets are seen. They are the 'NORFORCE' extended pattern: doubled capacity - they fit two jerrycans (north-south, side by side) instead of just one (east-west) per bracket.


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These jerrycan brackets were on the vehicle when I found it on a farm and are original. Other original rear fittings are missing at this earlier stage.

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Brothers in the shed.


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Parked in shed after respray. Side antenae mount fitted. The jerrycan brackets now have a proper strap which passes from thru the top of the jerycans.

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Left: rear interior. A bit of a shambles at the time. Looks better now but it still has a long way to go before complete. Just started to fit some of the original FFR gear. Then the actual restoration will start.

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(This was my study BEFORE I unpacked the bulk of my collection).

  Do not collect radio gear!
You have been warned!

Clockwise from top: R5223 Multiband receiver, 1 x B47, 2 x ATU'S, 2 x Panels Power Distribution, 1 x C42 and Power Supply, 1 x C45 and Power Supply, etc, etc. Grey painted ATU is for training.

Australian Army Radio Gear for B Class Vehicles


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