The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc Land-Rover Series 2A ¼ Ton Gunbuggy
Welcome to another "Matt's Shed" page. Matthew R. is REMLR member 153, lives in Western Australia, and he owns a genuine ex-SASR LRPV.


Gunbuggy ARN 112-730

Make Land-Rover (Rover Australia P/L) Model SWB 88" Series 2A
Manuf. date June 1963 Production CKD RHD export
Army Census 6005 Engine Petrol 2286cc
Nomenclature TRUCK, UTILITY, ¼ TON G.S.
Contract number C110181
Chassis 24303900B ARN 112-730


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Side pic shows unit marking '61C'.
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Front view and exhibit placard.
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Rear pic shows a '57' RAINF tac and mounts.
nb: Aussie made Wiles cooker(?) in bkgd.
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Nomenclature plate has survived 40 years too.

Matt recorded the text of the exhibit placard and here is a facsimile:



This vehicle has a crew of four and was one of about 30 short wheel base Landrovers modified by the Australian Army to carry a 106mm recoilless rifle....

It was brought into service in 1963 and was allocated to various battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment.

This vehicle was finally retired in July 1996 from the 5th/7th battalion based in N.S.W. after over 30 hard years of service.

Various modifications carried out include the removal of windscreen, doors and fuel fillers, plus twin windshields clamped on the body and extensive work to accomodate six 106mm rounds plus alterations to front mudguards as a reinforcement measure.

Details of U.S. made 106mm Recoilless Rifle (not mounted)

    • 106mm Recoilless Rifle (Barrel 3.4m long)
    • 50 cal Spotting Rifle
  • RANGE:
    • 750m (moving target)
    • 1700m (stationary target)
  • AMMO:
    • High Explosive Anti Tank (HEAT)
    • High Explosive Plastic Tracer (HEPT)
    • Each round weighed 17kg


If anyone wants to go and have a look at it, it is in the:

Army Museum of Western Australia,
Artillery Barracks,
Burt Street,
West Australia 6160

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