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REMLR invites you to come on 'R & R'
--to be held on the weekend of 7th - 8th September 2002 - Legacy Week

Military vehicle enthusiasts are invited to enjoy a weekend touring Newcastle/Stockton Bight in September 2002. The weekend will combine visits to military relics and sites with the uncommon opportunity to enjoy the company of fellow military vehicle enthusiasts amongst 6175 acres of sand dunes. The beach itself is about 30km long. Sand has definitely got advantages; if you get stuck, you don't get covered in mud getting unstuck and there is not much risk of the scrub damaging the paintwork. On the flipside, sand dunes can be bad news if it blows a gale... REMLR members will set out to see some military relics and to enjoy the company of fellow enthusiasts (more time this year for chatting), and have a campfire. Also a concourse d'elegance of sorts is to be held on the beach and trophies awarded.

Eligibility: $30 Legacy pin (website) per vehicle arranged at f.u.p. by REMLR and a Gov't $5 Permit payable at the Mobil Petrol Station at Anna Bay (keep the receipt safe). All ex-mil vehicles welcome. We are hoping for at least fifteen vehicles. Friends and family are okay, especially if they can occasionally dig or push. We understand that some members may arrive in a car and need a ride all weekend because their ex-mil vehicle is being rebuilt or they may arrive in their "other" 4-wheel-drive for the same reason. All vehicles and trailers must have rego -any state- and insurance coverage is totally your responsibility.

Celebrating: completion of some restorations.

Recommended: Sunglasses, binoculars, cameras, UV cream, food & drink, tent & lite camp gear, mugs suitable for "The Toast", original army tyres, snatch strap, spare fuel, spare water, a spade & toilet roll, first aid kit, common sense. Nights are cold, and it could be windy too. Bring weatherproof jackets and blankets in case. If it pours rain - event still proceeds. Area is 30k from a major hospital and has mediocre to fair digital phone signal. Children are to be cared for responsibly; there is the constant risk broken glass and we strongly recommend that shoes stay on. Pets okay. All garbage must be kept until Park exit.

Confirmation: please respond with vehicle entry and names ASAP via

The Registry of Ex-Military Land-Rovers,
PO Box 814 Charlestown, New South Wales, 2290, Australia


The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc


REMLR NSW - Event Outline - 'R & R' 2002

Friday: optional day to 'do' Nelson Bay, Mil Museums, RAAF, RSL, dolphins, etc.

Friday night: limited number of billets.

Saturday: R & R form up point (f.u.p.) directions as follows.....

  1. Proceed north of Newcastle along "Nelson Bay Rd" for 45 minutes passing RAAF Williamtown, Bobs Farm, and firewood storage area on right side of road at Anna Bay prior to roundabout. Pass thru roundabout. Pass large Putt Putt Golf on left side of road and slow down...
  2. Turn 1: at roundabout -which is the next intersection- turn right toward "Anna Bay" on "Gan Gan Rd" heading toward "Birubi Point 2km".
  3. Proceed 1km along "Gan Gan Rd" and proceed over a well marked speed bump. (Do not turn at the sign on right side of road where most 4-Wheel-Drives access the dunes- we will not be using that entrance). Notice the next intersection on the right called "James Patterson St" -a blue tourism sign at the intersection says "Birubi Beach Caravan Park" and points east... that is the road to the f.u.p. BUT FIRST proceed straight on to the Anna Bay shops and the Mobil petrol station round the corner to top up your fuel and get that important $5 Permit.
  4. Turn 2: after topping up at the Mobil, return down the road you came into the shopping area on... then
  5. Turn 3: before you go over that speed bump again, turn left at "James Patterson St", the street that you noticed before on the way to the Mobil. A blue tourism sign at the intersection says "Birubi Beach Caravan Park" and points east.
  6. Proceed 1km to the end of "James Patterson St" passing over about 10 speed bumps and noticing the Caravan Park on the left side of the road. You should soon be at a carpark 'above' the Birubi Surf Club and seeing the South Pacific. To the south, at a lower level, there are some Tank traps around a unsealed carpark: that's the f.u.p.

Saturday schedule:

  • 9am rollcall at f.u.p. -the unsealed lower carpark at Birubi Surf Club,
  • check vehicle, check fuel levels, deflate tyres, meet with Legacy Rep,
  • concours d'grot judging,
  • departure 9.30am
  • stress safe driving, 15m between vehicles rule, and rubbish retention at all times,
  • stress kids to wear shoes on front and mid dunes at all times,
  • stress look out for military relics for duration,
  • send video camera car out first,
  • convoy south following track behind beach in middle dunes,
  • locate and set up TTT campsite,
  • option: photo session in high dunes near TTT.

Saturday night:

  • campfire & dinner on the dunes at TTT,
  • concours d'grot presentations.

Sunday schedule:

  • option: early morning photo session in high dunes,
  • option: convoy 1 to see relics
  • option: convoy 2 to see relics
  • break camp & litter check after lunch,
  • convoy back north,
  • Birubi car park and James Patterson St exit, inflate tyres,
  • goodbyes probably 5pm

Sunday night: expecting most to be headed home safely and with all entrants none the worse for the event -and telling complete strangers to attend next one...

Monday: optional day for out-of-area visitors who want to do Nelson Bay, Mil Museums, RAAF, RSL, dolphins, etc tourism.


The Range Warning Sign at Morna Point


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