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AMF - ADF Number Plates

Many people have asked what the number plates on Australian Defence Force vehicles look like, so REMLR has decided to make a page of pictures of them and their various guises.

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Naval vehicles until recently modern times had commonwealth number plates. These were white plates, with black writing and a red Z as the first character.


RAAF number plates seem to have had a few changes over the years. Beginning with white writing on black plates, and later moving to blue writing on white plates. Interestingly the first plates appear to have varied in font significantly until the plate showing 221569 seems to have become the standard.


In more modern times, the Blue on white with the Roundel to one side has become the norm with "Air Force" in red at the top, and "Airpower for Australia's security" in red at the bottom.


However there are always variations. The plate below on the left appears to be a darker blue, or black. Whereas the one on the right (on a trailer) is a much smaller plate to fit in the available space.



Australian Army Plates began with Australian Military Forces plates with black plates and white writing. 2 pairs of 3 digits separated by a diamond, and AMF at the top was the basic layout.

Later on in the 1970's the army changed to a 5 number plate, with 2 and then 3 letters separated by a diamond, but with ARMY at the top of the plate. These plates were white with green writing. The paint code for that green is: Camouflage Green Enamel - Alkyd- DPP Product No. 342-166-23 APAS - 0165 / 1 and the NSN is 8010-66-147-5676.

More recently the army has moved back to a 6 digit number plate, but beginning at 200-000. Another change is Australian Defence Force at the bottom, not army at the top. But it is still green to signify an Army vehicle.

As always there are some exceptions. The plate below on the left is an older trailer that is still in service, but has had it's number plate replaced with a modern one, originally it would have been a black and white AMF one. Also note that it has Australian Defence Force below it, and not Army at the top. The plate on the right is an oddity, it was taken of a vehicle on a UN deployment, however it should be green and white, not black and white. Also it has army at the top not AMF. This one is a bit of a mystery.


The Army Museum Bandiana had a number of cabinets displaying a variety of Army number plates from a range of eras, and some unusual ones as well. A big thanks to Scott Norman who took the photos.



This Australian Defence Force plate was photographed on a RAAF Land Rover. Interestingly it is black on white. It would appear that Defence have moved to 'ADF' plates with different colours to signify the different arms: black for RAAF, blue for RAN, green for the Army?




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