The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc Land-Rover Perentie 6x6 SASR LRPV

Directorate of Army Public Affairs Press Release

Australia's policy of self-reliance gives priority to be able to defend ourselves with our own resources. In keeping with this policy, the Australian Defence Force is firmly committed to establishing a strong defensive posture in the north of our country.

The emphasis on northern deployment is evident through the retention of the Operational Deployment Force as a Regular capability in Townsville and the implementation of plans to base a brigade in Darwin from the mid to late 1990's to command cavalry, armoured, mechanised infantry, engineer, aviation and logistics units.

The demand for tactical mobility in all seasons across the vast northern region is very high and the Long Range Patrol Vehicle is designed to play a central role in providing greater mobility for forces and equipment engaged in the defence of Australia.

The LRPV was introduced into service with the Australian Army in November 1991. This vehicle is used to carry out medium and long range reconnaissance over continental Australia by the Special Air Services Regiment (SASR). With a crew of three, plus stores and equipment the vehicle weighs 4840 kg's. It has an on road range of over 1600km and has a maximum speed of 95kmph. This vehicle has an integrated cab and body structure with stowing facilities for equipment and rations as well as a low profile over the crew area. The cab has two seats, no door and a removable windscreen. Mountings are provided for two machine guns (MAG 58 and MINIMI) and a 250cc motorcycle which can be carried across the rear of the body. The Army has 27 of these vehicles, most of which are located in W.A..

The vehicle is part of the range of six wheel drive Land-Rover variants operated by the Australian Army, the others being a 4 litter ambulance, a general maintenance (workshop) vehicle, an electronic repair vehicle, an air defence variant and a general cargo vehicle.

The LRPV is easily loaded and transported in the C130 Hercules aircraft, which, coupled with the inherent high mobility and reliability of the vehicle itself, provides the Australian Defence Force with an excellent strategic reconnaissance and long range patrol capability.

Length 6.020m
Height 2.050m
Engine ISUZU 4BDIT Turbo charged 3.9

SASR 6x6 click here for big pic


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