The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc Land-Rover Perentie 4x4 / 6x6 in service

110 Perentie General Service Variant

Unladen Mass 2250kg (Without Winch)
Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) 3200 kg
Carrying Capacity 1000kg
Gross Trailer Mass Rating 900kg
Length 4830mm
Height 2040mm
Width 2058mm
Wheelbase 2794mm
Track 1498mm
Fording Depth 500mm
Engine Isuzu 4BD1. 3.9 Litre, 4 cylinder Diesel
Power 66kw @ 3200rpm
Torque 245nm @ 1900rpm
Gearbox 4 speed LT95A
Winch Thomas T8000M
Equipment Kit CES 12036
Repair Parts Scale 02188
Repair Parts Scale 02189 (With Winch)

Nomenclature: Truck, Utility, Lightweight, MC2 and Truck, Utility, Lightweight, Winch, MC2
Liability Code: 72500 and 72510 for Winch version
Role: The primary role of the vehicle is the movement of cargo and / or personel on sealed or second class roads and under cross country conditions. The vehicle's load carrying capacity is 1 ton.
Description: A General Service Vehicle with or without a winch for carrying general cargo, or up to 8 personnel including 6 in the rear and 2 in the front.

Information: This is the 'basic' version and is intended to carry 1000kg (900kg if winch fitted) of general cargo or six troops and tow a trailer of up to 900kg mass. This derivative is used by the greatest variety of units within the army and is the general workhorse for most users. Chassis modifications include points for a helicopter sling, shipping tie down and vehicle recovery points. Some applications will require the towing of a trailer of up to 900kg mass.


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Tools can be seen mounted in their brackets in this image.
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The single rearward seat is one feature that differentiates this model from the SRV which has 2 seats in the rear.
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Here unique rear crossmember can be seen in profile as well as the rack on the roof for carrying items, and protecting occupants.
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Another profile showing the olympic steeltrek tyres as well as the original style bull bar.
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A clear side profile of the vehicle showing the rear locker unique to the 110 perentie.
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A WO2 hiding from the rain and not so happy to have their photo taken.



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