The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc Land-Rover Perentie 4x4 / 6x6 in service

6x6 Bushranger Mortar Carrier Variant

Unladen Mass 4460kg (Without Winch)
Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) 5.6 Tonne (Highway and cross country)
Gross Combined Mass (GCM) 7.1 Tonne (Highway and cross country)
Maximum Towed Load 2000kg
Carrying Capacity 2000kg
Length 6300mm
Height 2550mm
Width 2500mm
Wheelbase from front to intermediate axle 3040mm
Wheelbase from front to rear axle 3940mm
Track 1698mm
Fording Depth 1000mm
Engine Isuzu 4BD1 T. 3.9 Litre, 4 cylinder Turbo Diesel
Power 90kw @ 3200rpm
Torque 314nm @ 2200rpm
Gearbox 4 speed LT95A
Winch Thomas T9000M
Fuel Capacity 2x 62 Litre tanks
Equipment Kit CES 12194
Repair Parts Scale 02226, 02228

Nomenclature: Truck, Light, Mortar Carrier, Winch, MC2.
Liability Code:
Role: The primary role of the vehicle is to transport a mortar section of nine people (including driver), it's equipment and supplies for three days in an operational environment.
Description: The vehicle is a six wheeled vehicle designed specifically for military use. The vehicle is based on the Land Rover 110 series commercial, but with and extended chassis and an additional axle. The truck cargo is a constant four wheel drive, with selective six wheel drive for negotiating difficult terrain.

Information: Chassis modifications include points for a helicopter sling, shipping tie down and vehicle recovery points. The cab can accommodate up to two persons while the rear tray can accommodate up to ten (10) persons. This vehicle is only complianced for road use with two passengers in the cab. There is only one roof mounted spare. The rear of the body work is fitted with racks to hold up to eight jerry cans for fuel or water.

Number Built: 11 + 4 conversions.
These vehicles were originally procured as part of an Interim Infantry Mobility vehicle (IIMV) project, whose final iteration was the Bushmaster Infantry Mobility vehicle. They were constructed as a part of the Bushranger project, not to be confused with the Bushmaster vehicle that replaced this vehicle in service.

The photos below are from the Australian Frontline Machinery Auction of 202-131. Whilst externally very similar to many of the other models, the Mortar carrier only has one window on the side canopies instead of two.

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Plotting table and rear facing seat.
Copyright: Australian Frontline Machinery
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The rear facing seats.
Copyright: Australian Frontline Machinery
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A view of the rear facing seats from the other side of the vehicle.
Copyright: Australian Frontline Machinery
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Sideways seats in the back.
Copyright: Australian Frontline Machinery
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Copyright: Australian Frontline Machinery
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A side view with the canopy rolled up.
Copyright: Australian Frontline Machinery
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Frontal view. Only one spare is mounted on the cab roof for this variant.
Copyright: Australian Frontline Machinery



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