The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc REMLR Collection of Parade Hints
Most "parade condition" Landy owners are (naturally) members of a Military Vehicle club as well and usually have some experience in Marches. For these "experienced" members who enjoy Parades already... the REMLR can tell you nothing you don't know (especially those with their established "connections") but the REMLR does request that you pass on any hints not included below to the less experienced REMLR members. Your hints may save someone a lot of grief.

For those members who don't enjoy Parades because they are still in the throes of restoration - but want some info - read on. The following notes may be of benefit:

Hints from Ross in NSW:

If you want to take part in parades with your rebuilt "parade condition" Landy - on occasions such as ANZAC Day (25/4), Australia Day (26/1), National Servicemen's Day (1/7), Long Tan Day (18/8), and even your local community parade - the short and easy way to get in a parade (without much drama) is to join a Military Vehicle Club. Most such clubs are based in the large centres and the club will know the RSL parade marshalls - or someone who does. They have usually been doing it for ages. Many of them are veterans as well. In other towns you will simply have to make contact yourself - or maybe the local Vets will leave a note under your wiper sometime... but don't hold your breath. They may assume you already have an invitation from another club or something. Type up a letter and stick it in the mail with a photo of your Land-Rover looking its best or in a parade somewhere else. The photo does work wonders as it is passed around a club committee etc. If the nearest town is a fair way off you could ask for a contribution towards fuel from the Club - after the first event. The first event usually creates a buzz afterwards and some momentum toward "next year". Some Clubs kindly put on drinks.

But we're getting ahead of the story a bit... back to when you've got the invitation and the support of the club committee and the big day arrives:

Its great to join in a parade and help some veterans. To state the obvious, don't make a nuisance of yourself. Be discrete, be respectful at all times, be on time, dress appropriately, follow the directions of the parade marshall and you will be welcome next time.

After a early 1998 tidy up of 'Castrol' I was invited to help transport veterans by the local RSL parade marshall, a week before ANZAC. YES! I said as casually as I could. Now many members may do as many as four parades (from dawn onwards) around their region, and they may be amused at this, but I 'tested' very slow driving for 1km (having just replaced a water pump and a fanbelt) and made other preparations during the week leading up to ANZAC Day. I did not want to be an embarrassment. Among other things I found out is that first gear high with no throttle in a four cylinder Land-Rover is roughly marching speed. This is one on-road task that the 2.25 petrol engine and non-synchro transmission are perfectly built for.

Well, the preparations paid off. I did my first parade, a dawn service, worry free and - in brief - it went off very well. I need not have worried about how the 'Old & Bold' would get up into the rear seats or front seats of the Landy; the Vets helped each other and knew what to do... but an upsidedown milk crate would've been handy (thats a hint). The ex-Army Land-Rovers sure attract kids and dads (as always) from the crowd afterward - but use your common sense; after the parade, when the coffee and the snacks are served, don't be tempted to show CES gear, open up bonnets, etc, which only draws attention from the main event... especially after Dawn services! Again, adopt a very low profile, making sure to use your common sense and courtesy.

Also, in regard to Australian Series 2A members, you should be aiming to make a good impression on ANZAC Day so as to line up an appearance in The Vietnam Remembrance Day Parade (around August 18th)... the local Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia (VVAA) office bearers will always want Land-Rovers in their parade in preference to other things like jeeps etc.

Many RSL clubs enjoyed Army and Army Reserve participation (personnel and vehicles) in ANZAC parades, etc. Sadly, this is no longer always the case in many towns. Your parade-ready-with-original-fittings Landy will therefore usually be a welcome addition to many parades. Some REMLR members like Kevin (QLD) have a full dance card on ANZAC Day and do a run around several towns...

Handy hints from Kevin in QLD:

Get some brushes out and brush up the chassis black or drab in wheel arches (because flash-photos reveal all the daggy bits in there) - and roll up your canvas sides around a suitable (concealed) length of broomstick to keep the roll straight between straps or remove the canvas altogether if it is looking tired.

Also remember to black your tyres (especially on the insides), black the wheel hubs, insert your tac signs correctly, clean the windows and rear seats (if you have a G.S.) and check your "Cone of Silence" muffler: people want to hear the marching Band and marchers - not a noisey exhaust. Also, be sure to check your fuel and water and oil the day before. It helps if you can attach an Australian flag to the brush guard.

And remember the simple things: arriving late is a big no-no: the parade marshall will be sarcastic for years and/or he will blacken your name forevermore and years later even your grandkids will have a black mark to live down... so if only for the sake of your heirs and successors - get to the right place - and get there early.

NB: The REMLR secretary is especially on the lookout for a "stand-out" or "perfect" photo representing the REMLR vehicle/member helping out or parading on.


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