The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc Land-Rover Series 2A ½ Ton Lightweight


This Series 2A 88" Lightweight ½ Ton belongs to Peter H. (REMLR member 013) of All Four X 4 Spares. website

The ½ Ton was available to defence customers only from 1968 (apparently about 3000 Series 2A units were made of all variants in total).


Make Land Rover Model AIR PORTABLE ½ TON
Build Date 1969? M.O.D. Rego  
Engine #   Engine 4 cyl petrol
Nomenclature (LAND ROVER SERIES 2A
Contractor Rover Group (G.B.)?
Chassis # 23600284A Colour Sand Camo


RHD Series 2A

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In shed

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Rear detail

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Rear quarter

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Most identifications missing. 1969?

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