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Australian Army Land Rover Fleet
Information on Army Land-Rover fleets REMLR list of Australian Military Rego Numbers
Timeline of Australian Army Land Rovers REMLR list of Census Numbers
Information on RAN Land-Rover fleets Australian Army Vehicle Markings
Information on RAAF Land-Rover fleets Australian Land Rover Data Plates
REMLR info on Series 2A fleet Australian Army Vehicle Colour Schemes and Paint
REMLR info on Series 3 fleet Australian Army Vehicle Markings
REMLR info on Perentie 110 fleet Ex Military Land Rovers in Museums
Australian Army Trailers Australian Army Vehicle Auctions
Australian Army Vehicle Specifications Australian Defence Force Number Plates
Australian Army Radio Equipment Salvation Army Land Rovers
Vehicle Wiring Diagrams  
New Zealand Army Land Rover Fleet
New Zealand Registration Numbers
Ordered by ARN
  New Zealand Registration Numbers
Ordered by NZ
Books, Documentation and Collections
Aust. Military Land-Rovers 1958-1978
Stephen Stansfield's book on Aust. mil Landys.
LR CES CES 2025 CES 2071 CES 2003
Copies of 1969 RAASC Land-Rover CES docs.
Series 3 CES docs are on the REMLR CD.
Aust. Formation Signs & Unit Markings
Stephen T. info on TAC signs, etc.
Australian Army CES Guide
A visual guide to the Complete Equipment Schedule items carried my Army Land Rovers.
Aust. Vehicle Operating Instructions
Stephen S. info on TAC signs, etc.
A listing of the Abbreviations used by the Army, and on this website
tinsel The Roseworthy Collection
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