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At times it is difficult o know the 'lingo' that people use and appear on REMLR in places. This is a compiled list of abbreviations which are found at times. If you have some that need to be added, please let us know via the contact details on the REMLR home page.

This listing is in alphabetical order. To search for something hold CTRL + F on your keyboard, type in the abbreviation you want and click find.

Australian Defence Industries

BBB - Big Blue Book
The blue Books held by the Australian War Memorial are the Registration Numbers Books, holding Registration numbers from pre WW2 to the 1970's

CES - Complete Equipment Schedule
A listing of ancillary equipment which is issued with an item or vehicle. Ie jack, snow chains etc etc. A visual CES listing can be found on this CES page.

DDX - Draft Development Specification
A code used by land rover and defence? to signify particular Projects. Ie DDX188

EMEI - Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Instruction
These instructions detail how to maintain and repair vehicles, as well as officially sanctioned modifications. The Workshop Manual if you like.

FFR - Fitted For Radio
A vehicle that can be fitted with radios. This terminology took hold from about the 1970's, and although some vehicles whose nomenclatures are FFT (Fitted For Transmission) or FFW (Fitted For Wireless) they were referred to as FFR's.

FFT - Fitted for Transmission
The Series 2a Land Rovers that were readied for the fitting of radios. What are nowadays termed "Radio sets" were originally called Transmitters, or Wireless sets.

FFW - Fitted For Wireless
The Series 2 Land Rovers that were readied for the fitting of radios when they were called Wireless Sets.

FWR - Fitted With Radio
Whereas the FFR could be fitted with radio, they were not necessarily installed. FWR vehicles did have the radios fitted.

FWW - Fitted With Winch
See WW.

Government Ordnance Factory, same place as OFM

A New Zealander, or New Zealand piece of equipment

This is made in reference to photos or Information from the book Mud and Dust written by Mike Cecil about vehicles sent to the Vietnam War by the Australian Army.

Ordnance Factory Maribyrnong. GOF is synonymous with OFM.  (ADI) Australian Defence Industries has superseded OFM as the manufacturer of things like the No.5 trailer

RAAF - Royal Australian Air Force

RAASC - Royal Australian Army Service Corps

RAACT - Royal Australian Army Corps of Transport

RAEME - Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

RAN - Royal Australian Navy

RASIGS - Royal Australian Signals Corps

REMLR - The Registry of Ex Military Land Rovers
This organisation

RPS - Repair Parts Schedule
The RPS is a book listing every part in the vehicle, usually with part numbers and illustrations. In essence these are the parts books.

SAL - BBB Footnote
B.B.B. footnote: full entry; 'To be reduced to produce in aid of BHQ repair' (i.e. item written off but salvaged for parts)

This isn't an abbreviation per say, but shortened from Tactical. This is usually incorrectly used to describe the Unit and Formation markings on the front and rear of a vehicle.

UHB - User Handbook
The UHB's take on a number of formats. For vehicles they are how to use the vehicle, and what each switch and knob does, and when you should use it. For radios it is more about how to use the radio, what the parts are, it's specifications etc etc.

UBRE - Unit Bulk Refuelling Equipment

UNK - BBB Footnote
B.B.B. footnote: in the majority of entries, if a vehicle has an engine number changed, the original number is ruled out but still legible. In some cases the entry was changed using 'correction fluid' or 'whiteout' and the original number is totally obscured.

VTF - BBB Footnote
B.B.B. footnote: full entry; 'Less doors, bows, canopy, tailgate' (i.e. indicates GS variant items removed for the trip to Vietnam on the "Vung Tau Ferry" and stored to refit on R.T.A.)
---- (In the B.B.B. there is -frustratingly- no similar type of notation to point to Vietnam service for other variants such as Ambulances, Panel Vans, Workshops...)

VUSD - BBB Footnote
B.B.B. footnote: full entry; 'w/o (US) Produce Disposal Office DADO Vietnam. Memo R2300-x-x' (i.e. item written off in theatre... and scrapped?)

2VAOD - BBB Footnote
B.B.B. footnote: full entry; 'w/o 2AOD Vietnam. Memo 2300-x-x' refs '2 Advanced Ordnance Depot' (i.e. item written off in theatre... and scrapped... at Nui Dat?) Some refs '2 Composite Ordnance Depot Vung Tau' (1ALSG?).

W/O - Written Off

WW - With Winch
An abbreviation used on REMLR to save space, as well as the army. Also written W/Winch. Basically, it's a vehicle that is fitted with a winch.  




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