The Registry Of Ex-Military Land-Rovers Au, NZ, etc

It seems that there may be a few more Army specification Series 3 Land Rovers about the place than was initially thought. information arose about a package of vehicles sent to Indonesia as a part of an aid package. The below photos are what sparked the interest in this. These were taken on HMAS Jervis Bay in circa 1980 and unloading at Jakarta.

And more recently more information regarding the vehicles appeared from somebody involved with the project :

The vehicles were built as a foreign aid package by Leyland Australia at Enfield (the old PMC Plant). At the time the whole plant considered this bordering on traitorous as the relationship between Australia and Indonesia then was less than cordial. His memory is of between 300 and 400 vehicles and they were supplied without documentation or spares.

Some other aditional information from the Defence section of the Bureau of Statistics yearbook for 1981. This can be downloaded from their website.

As well as the provision of training and advisory assistance, major projects undertaken with Indonesia included survey and mapping of the Moluccas, a maritime patrol project (including patrol boats and Nomad aircraft), provision of Army vehicles, and maintenance of C-130 (Hercules), engines and gearboxes. Expenditure totalled $9.6 million in 1979 - 1980.

From the Australian Parliament Senate Hansard dated 24 February 1981. It lists 240 vehicles, although informatoon on the Contracts and Vehicle Numbers page indicates that 250 were delivered, but the last 10 may have been post this question time.

Aid for Indonesia: Land Rovers
(Question No. 199)
Senator Primmer asked the Minister represent ing the Minister for Defence, upon notice, on 4 December 1980:
(I) How many of the Land Rovers promised as aid to Indonesia have been delivered.
(2) How are these vehicles transported to Indonesia.
(3) In what ways are these specially equipped for the Indonesian Army and who provides and installs the equipment.
(4) What roles were envisaged for the Land Rovers when the Defence Co-operation program was being planned.

Senator Durack-The Minister for Defence has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:
(I) Two hundred and forty.
(2) One hundred and twenty by commercial shipping. 120 by HMAS Jervis Bay.
(3) They were assembled in Australia by Leyland (Australia) and are the same as those delivered to the Aus tralian Army.
(4) To provide a General Service Vehicle to meet the routine transport needs ofIndonesian Army units located in Java.

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