The International in Vietnam

The Inters baptism of fire came with it's use in the Vietnam war. Below is some information taken from The journal of the Royal Australian Corps of Transport called Par Oneri. Number 20, 1992. This information gives us a bit of an insight into how many Inters were used and where in Vietnam.

5 Coy RAASC, December 1967 onwards. ALSG at Vung Tau and 1 ATF in Nui Dat

2 Transport Pl:
33 x F1 GS vehicles, 3 fitted as permanent water carriers.
1 x FIA Water Tanker.

86 Transport Pl:
15 x F1 GS vehicles
13 x F2 Tippers.
3 x hired US semi trailers (15 Ton)
2 x
32 seater bedford buses.

26 Coy RAASC, December 1967 - November 1968. 1 ATF in Nui Dat.

86 Transport Pl:
3 sections of F2 Tippers
2 sections of F1 GS
1 x 6x6 Garbage Truck.
2 x 2 1/2 Ton (Mk.3?) Water Trucks
2 x 50 Ton Tank Transporters (American)



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