International Prototypes

Prototypes were constructed for the No.1 Mk.1 and No.1 F1 and F2 6x6 vehicles. Details and images of these photos appear below.

Some information on this page, as well as further information, can be found in Mike Cecil's Article, Remember when ... we built international trucks?

Information on the XF4 prototype vehicles can be found on the XF4 1 Ton Truck page.


International No.1 Prototypes

International built 3 Prototypes for the No.1, Mk.1. If you have any more images or information about any of these vehicles please contact REMLR.

P1 and P2 shown below would appear to be prototypes of the Mk.1 fitted with different trays and cabs. It is thought that the initial cab was simply a modified ome from a WW2 Blitz truck, and then later a cab closer to the production one was fitted.

We do have a single photo of P3 from "Forty Years of Army Design".

This vehicle appears to be Prototype 1 and has a much deeper tray than the production Mk.1

The same P1 with a large machine gun mounted above the hatch.

Another vehicle, this time Prototype 2. The windscreen appears to be a later model and somewhat nearer to the production version, as is the tray.

Another View of P2


Further Mk.1 Prototypes

As early as 1958 International built a prototype 6x6 Mk.1 as can be seen below on the left.



This appears to be one of the two Mk.1 6x6 prototypes that were built in 1958.



International 6x6 Pre Production Vehicles

A1 and A2 along with B1 and B2 are pre production 6x6 vehicles. Unusual features include dual 10.00x20 rear wheels on the Tippers (B1 and B2) and a slightly different tray configuration on the GS vehicles and single 12.00.20 tyres (A1 and A2).

A2 would be a sister vehicle to A1 and would have been trialled at Monegeeta on their extensive test circuit whilst A1 was at Innisfail and Cowley Beach.

This photo is one of the Mk.5 prototypes with a different fuel tank configuration to the original and sporting a Mk.3 cab. Also note the buldge in the bonnet for???

This vehicle resides at the Army Museum Bandiana.


What appears to be Mk.5 Tipper prototype B2.
Photo: Cliff Hodgson

This photo shows vehicle A1 (sister vehicle to A2 shown further up the page).
Photo: Glen Hutley

A photo of B1 rolling into town. Note the dual rear wheels.
Photo: Glen Hutley

This photo of a damaged A1.
Photo: Glen Hutley

A1and B1 shown whilst on trials. The trailer on A1 and the artillery piece on B1 can clearly be seen.
Photo: Glen Hutley
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Stoping overnight in Longreach. There appears to be a Mk.3 accompanying the group along with numerous land rovers.
Photo: Glen Hutley
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A roadside camp en route to Innasfail. Tiper B1 being clearly visible.
Photo: Glen Hutley
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The wrecker being used to help recover a damaged A1, The damage appears to mirror the colour photo of A1 higher up the page.
Photo: Glen Hutley
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The damaged A1 under tow by a M543
Photo: Glen Hutley



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