The International F2 Tipper

The F2 had a much higher payload then the Smaller Mk.3 and 4 coming in with a 5 ton payload. It's off road capability with a compedent driver was incredible.

The F2 was a large volume tipper with an alluminium tray. It is notably sifferent from the F1 because of it's rounded wheel arches as well.

Normally seen with just the tray, it could als oe fitted with troop seats, and a canopy.

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This F2 tipper is oming down a steepembankment.

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The rear axle of the F2 coming down.
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This tipper has it;s troop seats and Hood bows in place.
Photo: Cliff Hodgson
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With tipper raised. This vehicle is now under restoration in Tasmania.

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Jump starting in PNG, 1971





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