The International ACCO 610A

There were two verions of this unit, a general purpose and rescue version it appears.

From information recieved by REMLR it appears that these vehicles started life as 510a with vaccum brakes & controls. Later on they upgraded both the rescue and GP light to 610a auto with compressed air brakes and controls.

The same source recalls a contractor showing him a fleet of 510a purchased from IHC as part of rescue of IHC. As for how many, the same source recalled that there were 15 Truck fire fighting early rescue which were issued to the aviation squadrons, Army Aviation centre, Puckapunyal Moorebank, School of Military Engineering and Vehicle Repair Pools.

The manufacturers, the Ordnance Factory developed the policy of dual rears for highway travel but single rears on airfield to prevent FOD pickup between the wheels on the airfield. The vehicle were lightly loaded to achieve auto performance to meet International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) specifications as Oakey was a joint civil/military airfield.

A variation was the Truck Fire Fighting General Purpose Light which replaced the Land Rover 3/4 ton Series 2a. Approx 25 built in similar configuration to the rescue tender less the Feecon roof turret (monitor). these vehicles were originally to be transportable in Tac T SR aircraft Caribou.


This army unit wearing ARN 31-254 was spotted the Army Aviation base at Oakey

This army unit wearing ARN 31-249 was spotted the Army Aviation base at Oakey

Copyright: Richard Green

This unit was spotted at the GPA Swim in, Corowa, in 2009 in immaculate condition.

Copyright: Richard Green

The same unit is still wearing the ACO 510a badge.

Copyright: Richard Green

A third view of the same unit.

Another vehicle, with rear dual wheels in view.

Army Fire Serivce can clearly be seen on the doors of the vehicle.

Displaying the spray nozzle on this vehicle, showing a single rear wheel.

Again, showing a single rear wheel in this image.



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