The International AB160 - The Teaspoon Tipper

Before they were replaced with Mk.2 F2 Tippers, the army used the International AB160. this vehicle was essentially a Civilian spec 4x4 truck. The crews gave it the "Teaspoon Tipper" moniker in reference to it's small payload.

Reasonably few of these vehicles still exist in a restored condition. The Army Museum Bandiana have some, as do some REMLR members like Murray C whose vehicle is pictured below.

These vehicles saw service in Vietnam and Borneo. Some photos of their time in Vietnam can be found on these other REMLR pages.



Murray C's restored AB160
Murray C's restored AB160
Murray C's restored AB160
Vietnam '65 - '67
1 ALSC Tipper 116716 and Mk3 on board Vung Tau Ferry departing Brisbane May 1965 bound for Bien Hoa.
The platoon level maintenance area.
Ramp over angle exceeded for this AB160 Teaspoon Tipper.



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