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Vehicle Wiring Diagrams

One of the most abused parts of Ex Military Land Rovers is often the wiring. As items not needed in civilian life such as blackout lights are removed, and AM radios are added, the wiring can become a nightmare, not helped by the original Lucas electrics!

Until recently only some Series 3 Wiring Diagrams existed, however there were a number of versions, so in order to make things clearer, we have decided to add a page for Wiring Diagrams to REMLR. This way we can also incorporate the 2010 addition to our archive of Series 2 Wiring Diagrams. These documents are Copyright to Pressed Metal Corp, Leyland Australia and The Australian Army where appropriate.

Series 2 and 2a

It was only in 2010 that REMLR acquired any wiring diagrams for the Series 2 range of vehicles. Unfortunately we do not have copies of Command Recon or workshop vehicle wiring diagrams at this stage, but these following documents cover the 88' and 109' GS vehicles.

Drawing 0113091. Electrical Installation 88 & 109 WB 12V. 1962
Applicable to Army (Aust) Spec
Schematic showing the locations of major electrical components. For GS vehicles

Drawing 0113108. Electrical Wiring Diagram Army 88 & 109 WB Landrover 12V System. 1961
Applicable to Army (Aust) Spec 7, 13, 51, 47.
Wiring Diagram showing the circuitry of the GS vehicles

Drawing 0113109. Electrical Wiring Diagram Army 109 WB Landrover 24V System. 1962
Applicable to Army (Aust) Spec 2
Wiring Diagram for FFW vehicles?

Drawing 0113124. Electrical Wiring Diagram Army 109" WB Landrover Truck Panel 12V System
Applicable to Army (Aust) Spec 52
Wiring Diagram for Hard top Vehicles.

Drawing 11013004. Electrical Wiring Diagram Army L/R 109 W/B F.F.T. 1966
Applicable to Army (Aust) Spec 2
Wiring Diagram for FFT vehicles

Drawing 11013005. Wiring Diagram ~ Landrover ~ Army ~ 12V ~ FFT. 1968
Applicable to Army (Aust) Spec 2
Wiring Diagram for FFT vehicles

Drawing 11123008. Army Ambulance Spec 73. Electrical Installation Altenator. 1970 Season
Wiring Diagram for Ambulance Altenator.

Drawing 11123004. Wiring Diagram Aust Army 12V. 1970 original, 2010 Revision.
Applicable to Army Spec 73 and 80
Wiring Diagram for Ambulance.

Series 3

Most series 3 wiring diagrams are in archive and available, however there appear to be at least three distinct wiring configurations. Below are the documents.

Series 3 Wiring Diagram - Version 1. 1977.

Series 3 Wiring Diagram - Version 2. 1979

Series 3 Wiring Standardisation - EMEI G307-13. 1985

Series 3 Headlight Rewire - EMEI G307-21. 1989.



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