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Welcome and I hope you enjoy reading about my trips.

Victorian High Country 2015

  • 4380km with 48-206 Perentie 4x4 GS

Desert Country 2014

  • 6169km with 48-206 Perentie 4x4 GS


I drove Land Rovers (Series 1,2 and 2a) over a 13 year period between 1957 and 1970 with:

  • the British Army in Malaya,
  • the U.N. World Health Organisation in Matabeleland, Southern Rhodesia,
  • a long overland trip in a Series 2, from South Africa to Nepal,
  • and a 4 year stint prospecting for a large mineral exploration company in north-west Queenland, western NSW and the West Australian Goldfields.

All those miles were in largely remote bush locations. I've had a soft spot for Landys ever since.

I also drove an Austin Champ for short periods (in which I did my driving licence test), a Haflinger in Rhodesia and a Forward Control 101 in NW Queensland.