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Castrol page

We currently look after

50-257 Perentie 110 FFR

We brought our Perentie FFR at an AFM auction in 2014. We expect that -with TLC- the Landy should last a decade or more; it currently has a reasonably fresh and well maintained engine that may well see 500,000km. Especially if we take the option to go into early retirement and begin travelling.
The chassis is galvanised and good for ages. The engine uses diesel which is necessary for nearly all agriculture, mining, and freight (ships, trains, cranes, trucks): diesel won't be phased out for a long time. (Fully electric, hybrid or even solar trucks are just not gonna happen for decades).
Although its a 1990 model I consider it to be a modern Land Rover that comes with factory fitted luxuries such as proper safety belts and a working heater-demister. And the bolts are metric!

101-148 Aust. Number 5 ½ Ton Trailer

We brought a trailer at an AFM auction in 2015 because it can carry heavy things. Duh. After the ADF Land Rovers are all sold off they will be relatively scarce once again and the demand will increase. Sooner or later, even if only one Perentie owner in five wants to get one, there are only so many to go around.

We have looked after some other Land Rovers over the years

114-270 Series 2A 109in Workshop, Maya (currently dismantled for restoration)

113-368 Series 2A 88in GS, Castrol from 1992 to 2007.

My wife and I restored Castrol over a few years beginning in Feb. 1992. We tried to find out the Army origins of Castrol and find all the Army parts it was missing.
We began meeting helpful and friendly people, some over the phone, some in person, and 20 years later, we still are.
Some of the first Landy people we met were Kevin & Sue H. (Qld), Stephen S. (Qld), Peter H. (NSW -ex Wales), Alan L. (SA), Dennis & Dianne M. (NSW), Graeme D. (NSW), Pedr H. (SA), Ross O. (SA), Warwick L. (NSW), Mal Mackay (NSW), Hilton P. (NSW). I kept a list of Landy people and their Landy details.
We drove Castrol down to the 1998 - 50th Anniversary of Land Rover Celebration at Cooma during Easter holidays in April 1998. While in Cooma we saw 113-328 which was still authentic condition and a perfect example of what Castrol looked like when it was "younger" and it inspired us to do more restoration.
We began parading Castrol at ANZAC Marches in 2000 at Pelican and Adamstown (in Newcastle) and with Dennis M. (in Cessnock).
We later sold Castrol and moved house. I had been busy most weekends with RACT Reserves and other things for a few years, and very very fortunately, Richard G. (Tas) stepped up with the dedication (and time) needed to manage and grow the web pages and the forum. (Hat tip, big time.) The REMLR website and the info collection went gangbusters: http://remlr.com/remlr-history.htm

Series 2 Command Reconnaissance, about 1998. (wrecked)

Series 3 Civvy 109in hardtop, from 1990 to 1992.

Film must've been expensive - I can't find any photos of Kog. (yellow - did one or two trips)

Series 3 Civvy 88in hardtop, from 1984 to 1987.

It was a pale green farm Landy from near Yass and had a wool fluff/lanolin/Kelpie decor - did beach work with it.

Series Land Rovers around me as a boy


Series 2 or 2A SWB with canvas top at Bairnkine Station on the Lightning Ridge road
Series 2 or 2A SWB with hard top at Windi Station near Quirindi
Series 2 or 2A Station Wagon with temp-worker-pommy-couple at the caravan park somewhere
Series 2A late Station Wagon on Redhead and Stockton Beaches (fishing trips with neighbour)