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Australian Army Vietnam Land Rover Registration details

This page has been put together to collate vehicles that served during the Vietnam War. Only vehicles that we have photographic or documentary evidence of involvement in vietnam are included in these lists, for while we know how many of each type went to Vietnam from Mud and Dust by Michael K Cecil, we do not have the registrations to fill in those numbers. The research has been occuring for some years, however it has only been relatively recently that a list of vietnam vehicles has begun to be collated.

Recent publication of Vietnam Regords by the Australian War Memorial has made this task somewhat easier as the documents are readily available, and in many vehicle's records you will see the name of the AWM document that refers to the vehicle, whic you can get from the AWM, or from REMLR.

There are a number of abbreviations that should be explained as well which appear in the recrods.

  • VTF - Vung Tau Ferry, AKA HMAS Sydney, an aircraft carrier used to ferry vehicles to and from Vietnam.
  • V2AOD - Vietnam 2 Advanced Ordinance Depot in Vietnam
  • SAL - Salvaged, broken down to parts to be reused on other vehicles
  • WO - Written Off
Land Rover Land rovers that served in Vietnam
International Trucks International Trucks of all types that served in Vietnam.


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